Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick and Easy Fabric Art

Here is a quick cheap and easy way to make artwork for your home with items around your house or purchased. The total cost for this project was around $20. All you need is canvas, fabric, carpet tape, scissors, a ruler, and tacky glue 

I found 7 clearance canvases, that were various sizes all 1 inch deep. The fabric was a remnant from an old project.  The rest I had in my junk drawer. 

First, Iron Iron Iron your fabric. Can't stress this enough. Then lay the canvas on the fabric to measure and line up the pattern.

 I left about 2.5 inches on each side to fold over the canvas edge.

Laying the piece a fabric on the canvas right side up I used the carpet tape to on the top edge to hold it in place to make sure the fabric was straight.

Then I folded the fabric back and taped the rest of the canvas. You can also use tacky glue here.But if you want to reuse the canvas if you decide to change the fabric, tape is the way to go. After taping press the fabric back down over the canvas making sure it is secure with no wrinkles or bumps.

Now that you fabric is secure flip your canvas over.

Tape the edge and back of the sides. Again you can use tacky glue here.

Fold over the fabric and press starting from the bottom edge and over the back. Trim any extra.

Repeat with the other side.

Trim the extra folded over fabric as shown and tape the edge of the canvas.

Fold the side fabric pieces in as if you were wrapping a present. Trim if needed. (I am using a heavy cotton so to reduce the bulk I trimmed what I could.) Then tape the canvas where ever the fabric will be touching or you can tape the fabric itself which ever is easier. I taped the fabric int the photo.

Like you did earlier to the sides, press the fabric starting with th bottom edge and over the back. Repeat the process to the remaining edge on the canvas

Viola... you are done.

Here is my end result. It is a great wall accent and you can always change out the fabric as you like or even use it as canvas.

Thanks and have fun.

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